Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September's Last day my First Post

Here I go again... starting another blog.
My life is in a state of chaos..just like the current state of the economy.
Do I stay in a job I like but am surrounded by people I don't like
.. or do I seek out another job with a potentially longer commute.. I .like the 12 minute commute I have now.. I don't know what to do so I am paralyzed and do nothing.
How do I work for a manager who has admitted she doesn't like me.
I've been at the Co. 11 years longer than her, but she is well liked by upper management.....
I am in a bad spot.

I'd really love to just stop working and concentrate on my art work & weaving which I haven't have any time to do lately. Maybe sell some art stuff on the internet...

This job is not in the field that I have my college degree in.

Yesterday....I went to apply for a job 3 minutes from my house. I pulled into the parking lot and spotted a parking spot. Don't know if I was so focused on the parking spot,,,but I didn't see this huge white SUV that almost hit me as I turned towards the parking spot right in front of it....OMG...I mouthed the word "SORRY" ..the lady seemed ok, she didn't give me the finger or anything...I still can't figure out where the heck she came from.....oh, and the job had already been filled and it was at an Opticians!!

Wish I could have slept through September......