Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nov 4th can't come quick enough!

Oh lord...I can't wait for this election crap to be over with.
I will get up early Tuesday and stop on my way to work to vote like a good little American.
I like to get it over with as it is crowded on the way home.

Now for something totally disgusting and a true may never want to eat in a Chinese restaurant again.

Dead deer carved inside Hamburg NY restaurant

By Jenny Rizzo (

A shocking story tonight out of Hamburg NY involving the carcass of a dead deer ending up in the kitchen of a local restaurant. Investigators with the Erie County Health Department got a tip Friday morning that roadkill was spotted being dragged inside the China King restaurant. When investigators arrived for an unannounced inspection, they did indeed find a dead deer being carved inside the kitchen. As you can imagine, that is a serious public health violation.

Outside the restaurant, there is a trail of red blood droplets that lead to the China King's side door. Erie County Health Commissioner immediately issued an order closing the restaurant when he heard about the gruesome discovery. "My understanding is that it was the whole deer," said Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Anthony Billittier.

The Health Department will now launch an investigation into this case to find out where the deer came from and what the employees of the restaurant intended to use it for. "In New York State, we have laws like you can't butcher a wild deer and sell it because we want to make sure the meat is safe, obviously," said Billittier.

Only raw meat purchased from a licensed vendor is allowed to be brought inside a restaurant where it can be prepared and then served.

Some of China King's regular customers were shocked and disgusted when they heard about what happened. "I was shocked... People don't do that! Its disgusting, I mean, you don't know what kind of parasites were on that deer," said Kathy Sitek.

"I think they should be out of business. I think its wrong to feed that to people," said customer Sara MacAllister.

There will be a hearing next week at the Health Department, which is the China King owner's chance to present his side of the story. The ultimate decision on whether or not to shut down the restaurant permanently rests with Health Commissioner, Dr. Anthony Billittier.

yeah....road kill ...yum...can I have mine with garlic sauce!!
I heard people on a radio station talking about this and the people calling in to the station were telling that they heard that they shoot pigeons and seagulls also and someone else said that they lived near the restaurant and the people from the restaurant were in their yard picking mushrooms off their lawn...

The Erie County Health Department immediately shut down China King in Hamburg NY Friday after they got a tip call that an employee brought a deer that had been struck by car into the restaurant.

"I watched him drag it though the parking lot and he dragged it through the front door of the China King Restaurant. And I said this is just not right, so I reported it to the Hamburg Police and reported it."

News 4 requested Health Department records for China King on that day and for the last five years and found some interesting results.

On the day in question the inspector found the deer on the floor of the kitchen, with it legs cut off and placed in the sink. There were blood drag marks on the floor leading from the front door, through the front area into the kitchen.

The inspector also found a refrigerator was too warm. And all of this food, pounds of ribs, chicken, eggs- all had to be thrown out because it wasn't safe.

The restaurant has a history of cooling problems stemming back to 2003. In 2005, cited again, for cooked chicken cooling at room temperature. It was 113 degrees. It must be kept 140 degrees or above or 45 degrees or below.

It doesn't stop there. In 2007 the store sought help from a pest control company for a cockroach problem.

The health department found dozens of sanitary problems in the last five years.

The Erie County Health Commissioner will decide what comes next after a hearing Tuesday.

Story by Melissa Holmes, WIVB

China King must be a chain as there is one near where I live.... Don't think I will be eating Chinese from there EVER!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun and Games

It's been a crazy week.
The girl I work with, who replaced my friend Marly who retired this spring, has been threatening to quit almost since day one.
I wish she would already as it is very stressful working with someone who complains about the job she was hired for.
Granted there are parts of my job I dislike, but I do them anyway.
All the energy & time she commits to complaining to anyone who will listen, she could have the tasks completed.
She's hyperactive and in constant motion as her leg is constantly swinging and her had is never still on the mouse.
Try sitting next to a hyper person all day....
I have nicknamed her Sparky as she reminds me of a hyper little dog.

I took the Friday before and Tuesday after Columbus Day/CA Thanksgiving Day as my BIL was in town with a cousin from Canada, and as my BIL would be out of the country for the USA Thanksgiving, and my in-laws were Canadian, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving the Sunday before Columbus Day.
So that day I made 4 homemade pies, 2 apple and 2 pumpkin...from scratch, homemade crust...not from a mix...real apples etc..
And we had the traditional Turkey dinner as I was lucky enough to find a fresh one at the local supermarket as my Hubby who said that he would get one for $.99 a pound at a place he knew, forgot.
So I ended up paying $1.69 /lb for a fresh Honeysuckle White Turkey, one of the 2 non-frozen turkeys they had in the whole store.
It was well worth it.
It turned out so tender and moist.
Everyone enjoyed the dinner.
My daughter invited her friend over and told her that it was an official Canadian Thanksgiving as we had an actual Canadian there for dinner.
My son was home for the weekend from college.
I took him back to college Tuesday as I had the day off and Hubby took his brother to the airport on his way to work.
My mother went with us as it is a 2 hour drive each way and she came to keep me company on the ride back. We went to Wendy's for lunch once we got to the college's town.
Although the weekend started off rough with the CT scan, it turned out nice.

Well that left Sparky to fend for herself for 2 whole days at work.
Rumor has it she was throwing files down on her desk and swearing a lot.
She actually took home all her personal stuff off her desk.
When I came back to work Weds, she was crabby and complaining about the job and threatening to quit. I just told her "You have to do what makes you happy".
I'm not about to try to talk her out of doing something that would make her happy.
As a person, I like her. She does have a good heart.
She just needs to get some medication for her hyperactivity.
And I think she feels guilty and stressed out about working as she has children in school.

When my 2 children were little I stayed home till my oldest was in school. Then I went back to work part-time nights/weekends 12-16 hours per week. I was there to put them on the bus and home to get them off the bus.
We only had one car, which was always a used car.
We didn't have cable TV, still don't, and didn't have the Internet.
The kids didn't know the difference.
I didn't start full time till 10 years ago when the oldest was old enough to watch themselves.
I wish that i would have stayed part-time sometimes.

So I decided that I too would take all my personal stuff home...on the day Sparky left early to go to the dentist...this past Thursday.
I had a lot of stuff and 5 plants...took 3 trips to the car.
They are reorganizing where everyone sits, so Sparky & I are on the list of people to be moved to a different cubicle.
Not knowing where I was going to be working and some of the cubicles are smaller than the one I am in now and have no natural lighting, I decided to take my plants home before it started to get freezing out and snowing.
At least that was what I told people so they didn't think I was fired.
(That's how we know someone got fired as they get called into HR at 5pm, then the next day all their stuff is gone from the cubicle and no one says anything)
Actually I thought I would freak Sparky out a little.
(Yeah, I have a bit of a nasty side....but she deserved it after all the shit I've put up with from her for the past 6 months)
I came in a little late Friday.
Took the far driveway into the parking lot as the one I usually take goes by our windows.
She wasn't at her desk.
She was in talking to our supervisor.
Not a word was said when she came back to her desk about all my stuff being gone.
I didn't mention it either.
But, man, she was overly happy to see me!!!

I went over my friend Elly's house last night.
Her husband was working the night shift.
After she got her 2 little ones to bed, we watched "Sex in the City" that "Sex and the City" .
We both agreed after the movie;
that we could have written a better movie as it was kinda depressing at times,
we both need to color more, and
we eat so we don't cheat..that's why we are a little over weight.
She is such a good friend to me and came into my life when I really needed one.

It's coming up on the 13th anniversary of my best friend's death. Every fall I think of her. She was only 34 when she died from congestive heart failure. As a nurse, she should have known to take better care of herself and not smoke and she should have recognized her symptoms as something serious, but she was in denial.
She was to go to the doctor the next day as her mother set up the appointment and told her she would pay for it as she was on disability and her health insurance lapsed.
Her brother found her on the floor dead.
I never realized how ill she actually was.
She called me 3 days before she died.
I wasn't home.
My husband never gave me the message till after she died.
It took me a while to forgive him for that.
I was friends with her since our diaper days.
Our families were friends.

About a month after she died, I remembered something that she told me a friend of hers had gotten her from Mexico as a joke.
It was a marble, life size, larger than average size penis.
I never saw it but she said it even had veins carved on it...
It was an OMG I knew I had better tell her mother that SHE didn't buy it for herself, that someone had gotten it for her as a joke.
When I told her mother, she said that she was wondering about that as she had found it and didn't know what to think.
What ever made me think of that.
She only mentioned it to me once.
It was almost like she sent me a message from the spirit world so her mother wouldn't think she was some kind of marble dildo loving freak.

Her death had a very huge impact on my life.
I was subconsciously
afraid to get too close to anyone after that.
I can't tell you what the exact date it was that she died as I have blocked it from my memory. I remember her birthday.
My mother-in-law always remembered the dates of the deaths of her relatives.
She would say, oh so and so died today upteen years ago.
I asked her one day after she made such a remark what was their birthdate and she couldn't remember their birthday.
My husband said that his mother always loved a funeral.
Well..she was Irish...Catholic ...and Canadian.
After someone she knew passed away, she would cross their name off in her address book.

My daughter went to a Halloween party tonight.
Her costume is this:

Adult Sexy Candy Corn Witch CostumeShe's the sexy candy Corn witch.
But she has on black glittery tights and a black shirt on underneath a the place where the party is isn't heated. Being the mother that I am, when i was with her at the store I suggested that she get something a little warmer.
I must admit that she did look cute in it and I'm glad that she had to wear the shirt underneath it.And she is wearing black converse sneakers instead of heels.
When I was 24 I was too shy to wear something like that in public.
And when I was 24 I was married and she was a baby.

To help me get in the Halloween spirit she painted my nails midnight blue.
I may go goth all next week to work.....have to find all my black clothes.
Have a happy Halloween!
Carve your own pumpkin
Check this out:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Body Maintainance

Anyone over 40 can relate to all the body maintenance, doctor appointments, tests and procedures that must be performed at an increasing frequency as we get older.
Women start with the yearly pap test, then in our 30s we start with the yearly mammogram, then if you are one of the chosen ones to have a family history of colon cancer you get the every 3 years colonoscopy.
And of course all the blood tests, stress tests, electrocardio thingys, ultrasounds, x-rays and if you really baffle your doctor, CT scans and MRIs.
This of course if you are lucky enough to have health insurance.

And the CT Scan test results are........ (drum roll)
I knew they wouldn't be devastatingly horrible as I had to call the doctor's office to find out...
.....2 kidney stones (one in each kidney) and a huge cyst on my ovary...
whew!!! no mystery tumors ...
But I am back to where I was before.
I had 2 lipthotripsies, one on each side already
and already had surgery last year for an orange sized cyst ...same side, same place.
I should be depressed about this...
I'm not depressed about this...
what I AM depressed about is...

I went to the eye doctor today to get new contacts and new glasses...
My vision got a little worse...which I can deal with, BUT
when he told me that I have a cataract starting on my one eye...WTF I'm too young for that!!
I'm not even out of my 40s yet!!
I knew my vision in that eye was getting worse...but a CATARACT!!

ARGH!! It was bad enough when I was 38 and was in the waiting room of the Cancer Hospital's colon/rectal clinic with all the seniors...after my pencil eraser sized cancerous tumor was removed from my colon... the people in the waiting room looked at me like why the heck is she here...must be waiting for someone. And at the urologists office with all the older gentlemen in the waiting room...although there were a few other women my age.

So now I get to add my eye to the list of things that need to be checked every year.

My husband is fit as a fiddle.
No complaints
and he's 8 years older than me
He will most likely out live me
He is a blood donor
He has given approx 6 gallons of blood already
He has all the T-Shirts to prove it.

The fall leaves are absolutely beautiful this year.
People don't need to travel all the way to Vermont, just come to NY state.
We have apples, pretty leaves, and we also make maple sugar.
The Adirondack mountains are breathtakingly beautiful in the fall.
Not that Vermont isn't nice too...I've been reminds me of home.

I am always startled by the wild life that wanders into my back yard.
Recently there were 4 does in the yard, one only about 10 feet away from the house, just munching away on the grass.
Then 2 more of their friends showed up...half a dozen deer..
I tried to take their photo, but having to look through a window on an angle to get the picture didn't quite turn out so clear...kept getting "Photo is blurry...Delete?"
I don't dare tell some of the neighbors as they will want to come and kill them. :-(
Usually it is the turkey I see.
they are funny birds.
They walk single file according to height.
The baby ones bringing up the rear.
Hysterically funny to see them fly.
One year one of the turkeys didn't quite get enough altitude and flew into my neighbors roof.
There are over 30 turkeys that wander the neighborhood together.
If I had the stomach to hunt, we could be livin' high off the land.
My father said that we should try trapping a turkey.
I told my father that if I caught a turkey, I wouldn't be able to clean it as I wouldn't know how.
He offered to do it if I trapped one.
Haven't taken him up on the offer.
With my luck, I would trap a skunk or rapid raccoon.

That's enough rambling for one day...
Hopefully I didn't put y'all to sleep.
The dryer has stopped...time to fold the laundry!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Medical Tests

I took a vacation day today...away from the funny farm I work for.
Thought a nice long weekend would be nice.
But what do I do?
I schedule a CT scan at 8:30 am..
Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.
I get there on time.
Checked in and they gave me a cup of this foul tasting stuff to drink.
Told me that I would have to wait an hour or so for the stuff to get through out my system....
But what they failed to mention, was that the stuff they gave me to drink could cause diarrhea, especially if you drink it all at once...which is what I did because it tastes so bad....
Luckily there was a constant turn around of people in the waiting room or they would have wondered why I kept disappearing & reappearing..... I had to sit away from people as the rumbling from the great disturbance in the lower GI region would have caused them to move away from me!!
After 4 trips to the ladies room, I finally got called for the test.
The CT scan took 10 minutes if even that and most of that time was spent changing clothes.
I was going to go to the mall after the test and do some shopping before I met my retired friend MArly for lunch...but I decided to go home and relax for awhile first...
Actually I wanted to be close to my own bathroom!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

50 Years a long time

This past Saturday afternoon, we went to one of Hubby's cousin's 50th wedding anniversary parties.
His side of the family is huge, his dad was one of 13 and his mom one of 10 children.
He is actually one of the youngest of the cousins.
And I am closer in age to
the cousin's children.
(Yes I married an older 8 daughter thinks the age difference is just disgusting...LOL)
His cousin "L" and her husband "R" are fun loving people with 6 children.
They all gave speeches of course and then "L" thanked all the children for throwing such a wonderful party.
"L" told us how she came to meet "R" at a friend's wedding reception.
"L" said that when she first saw "R" standing by the bar, she told her sister that that was the man she was going to marry. She hadn't even met him, but thought he was handsome and he happened to be carrying a keg of beer at the time.

It was a nice party.
My siblings & I threw a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party last year for my parents.
Time seems to fly by so fast.
I remember talking with "L" before our wedding and her telling me that they had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary...and I remember thinking that that was a long time to be next month I will hit the 25 year mark.
I'm too young to be married that long....I've been married the majority of my life.
Although lately I wonder if we will make it to 50 years....let alone 30
The Layers of Lindi lou

Layer One: On the Outside

Name: Lindi, Sept girl,
Current Location: Livingroom
Eye Color: Green-ish... Hazel
Hair Color: Caramel blonde
Righty or Lefty: Righty,
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Layer Two: Just Below the Surface
Your Weakness: I'm a wimp, I avoid confrontation,passive aggressive
Your Goal: Survive

Your Fears: Something happening to my family..accident or illness

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: I don't want to go to work
Your bedtime: When I fall asleep watching TV
Your most missed memory: My grandparents, there are a lot of questions I would ask them if I could and the days at the beach as a child

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: used to be Pepsi, now water
McDonald's or Burger King: Subway
Single or Group dates: Both
Adidas or Nike: Whatever fits better
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Homemade iced tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both
Cappuccino or Coffee: not a coffee drinker

Layer Five: Do You?
Smoke: No
Have a crush: no
Think you've been in love: Yes twice at least
Want to get married: Am Married
Believe in yourself: Sometimes
Think you're a health freak: Not as much as I should be

Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: yes, maybe once
Gone to the mall: yes
Eaten Sushi: no, can't get up the nerve to try, but it was in the shopping cart last night for my daughter
Gone skating: not for a hell of a long time
Dyed your hair: yes

Layer Seven: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: No
Gotten beaten up: mentally yes...physically-no, but felt as if I were sometimes
Changed who you were to fit in: a little, some friends I can tell really dirty jokes to some I can't

Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you’re hoping to be married: Was married the year I graduated from College
Plastic Surgery or Wrap: Can't afford it
Buried or Cremated: Cremated.

Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: Blue
Best Hair Color: brown
Short or Long Hair: Doesn't matter, just take care of it.

Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 HOUR AGO: Reading blogs
1 WEEK AGO: Starting my on-line course
1 MONTH AGO: Extremely stressed out by work
1 YEAR AGO: Happier at work

Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I LOVE: My my kids
I HATE: Bullies, Bigots, Pediphiles, and Cheaters
I HIDE: In my home and in the file room at work
I MISS: My husband
I NEED: Exercise more and eat more veggies & fruit

Friday, October 3, 2008

Beauty amoungst Chaos

I looked out into the back yard this morning and saw nature at it's best.
Four small deer
eating apples under the neighbor's apple tree.
they were probably adolescents,
past the cute baby stage
they were on their own
No large adult deer around
I would have loved to take their picture
But the angle I had to look out of the sliding french door made it difficult to get a good shot.
Opening the door would have scared them away.

I continued getting ready for work and heard the neighbors dogs barking
and pictured in my mind the deer darting away into the woods.

There must be something about white SUVs and vans.
Coming home from work yesterday, waiting at a stop sign at the end of the road
waiting to make a left on to the road
I started to pull out and had to slam on the brakes
as a white van was coming from the right
It was dreary and rainy and all the other vehicles had their lights on
except the white van of course.
I was only about 6 feet past the stop sign
It was only 1/2 a mile from home, in the "sticks"
the driver probably thought it was just a Boston Fake

One of the last entries in my old blog (Warped Doodler)...I said that sometimes I felt like turning into traffic...but would never do it because I wouldn't want to ruin someone else's day...
I wonder if the few people that read the thing actually thought I did finally do it as I stopped writing in it...forgot the password....I am such a dork!!

Let’s Play Four

A) Four Places That I Go To Over And Over:
Work, Parent's house, Super Market, Subway restaurant

B) Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly:
At work, my boss sends me at least 10 e-mails a day (doesn't like human interaction apparently)
Marlene, Nancy & Nancy

C) Four Of My Food Favorites:
Chocolate, Lobster & Shrimp, Ice cream, Steak-Bloody steak :)

D) Four Things I’d Like To Do:
Win the Lottery, so I can quit my job
Travel to Australia
Take a cruise to Alaska
Quit my job and concentrate on my art

E) Four People I Think Will Respond: To What?

F) Four Things I Did Yesterday:
Dragged my sorry ass out of bed and went to work
Put up with annoying co-worker(s)
Went to the Family Dollar store and bought a Swiffer and cleaning products
Did a load of laundry before I went to work

G.Four Things I would buy if I had a million dollars:
A new Volkswagen..something
New living room furniture
An eight foot stockade fence between my house and the neighbors from deliverance
An art/weaving studio for me!!

I'm supposed to pick 4 people to do this... but it's up to you, gentle reader, if you decide to do it...