Monday, June 15, 2009

Tired Ramblings

Yes, I am tired, but decided to post this should be interesting or really weird.

My daughter went to Bonnaroo this past weekend down in Tennessee.
She left Thurs night and we didn't hear from her till this afternoon, on;ly because we left messages on her cell phone to see if she was still alive.
She said there wasn't a cell tower near the field where the concerts were held.
I told her that they have these old fashioned things called payphones which she could have used.
But anyway...
She said she had fun.
Except that Bruce Springsteen was playing there and when his concert was going on , no other concert was allowed to play during it...there were 4 other stages... Google searched Bonnaroo and you will see how big this event is...I never heard of it before.
But anyway ...apparently her generation are not big fans of "The Boss" like my generation was/is.
SO half way thru his concert, he said that he was going to p;ay requests and pulled out a big paper Santa Claus and sang "Santa Claus is coming to TOwn" which apparently at the concerts that are probably mostly attended by my generation where he is the headliner, this is one song that they always request..
But when he started singing it for this crowd, about a fourth of them got up and left.

I'm sure she had other adventures that I will never hear about and probably don't really want to know.

Me, i went to the Allentown art festival in beautiful downtown Buffalo NY. (Read all about it here and here
There were over 400 artists.
I went with Elly.
WE were there from 10 am to 2:30 pm walking around and seeing all the arts and crafts.
Here is a good article about the show.
There was some really nice stuff there, but most of it was out of our price range.
People watching was fun.
I commented to Elly at one point that it looked like they let out one big group home as some of the people were rather odd looking.
Luckily it wasn't hot out or we would have been subjected to more exposed flesh that you really want to see.
Why huge fat women think that the bra less look is attractive on them I will never know..
If you are standing next to them you have to hope they don't turn too fast and get hit with one of those swinging watermelon sized pendulums of flesh.
Elly saw on large woman wearing a tube top which she said was revolting.
Some of the tattoos were cool that people had.
Some I couldn't tell what the heck they were supposed to be...bad tattoos.
Sparky was there too, but we never ran into her.
I really liked this artist
Elaine Lanoue
Elaine Lanoue - Love Birds I almost bought this print "Love Birds"
Her use of color and simplistic picasso like design really caught my eye.
Quite a contast to the realistic watercolor paintings my dad paints.
I love color.
Elly liked her style also ...and liked this painting as it has yellow in it and it would have matched her bedroom!
Yeah...she's one who buys art to match ehr wall coloring.
But I don't hold that agaiinst her.

Now I am inspired to create great works of art.
I usually don't like to go to art and craft shows because I get depressed as I don't have time to create great works of art or crafts.
Must work :-(
8:30 to 5 pm....
Some lady on the "Judge Judy" TV show was out on disability because she had a nervous breakdown.
Hmmm, I was close to one of those myself not to long ago, didn't know you could get out of working because of it.

Michelle Spiziri - No Problem Mon "No Problem Mon"
by Michelle Spiziri

Yes sirree, I could dye my hair green and purple and put it in dreadlocks and start speaking with a Jamaican will go nicely with my pale sun starved skin. And answer the phone "yes Mon, ow kin we 'elp ya".....

My Dad was felling better.
I dropped him on my way to work last Tuesday to have breakfast with all his retired friends,
He is walking better.
But now....he had to go to the doctor today as he has a painful rash.
They told him he has shingles.
Two steps forward, three steps back.
He said that it hurts to touch his skin.
He really didn't need that.

My niece is getting over Mono.
She stayed away from her grandfather when she got sick and was diagnosed.
Hopefully she will be able to catch up with all her courses and graduate high school in 2 weeks.

Well time for bed.
Hope everything is well in your part of the world.
Peace people

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Hi, I was unaware that you used my art for your blog. please let me know next time.
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