Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain RAin go away..

We have had enough rain in this area of the country.
Last night we had a storm so bad that it flooded out trailer parks and hospitals....and people's basements.
Of course my kids were driving home from NY City and hit every storm along the way. They called around 9 pm and said that they had 2 hours more to drive before getting home.
Hubby asked where they were and I told him about 3 hours away.
Experience taught me that if I told him 2 hours he would be asking where they were in exactly 2 hours, so considering the storm and his worrying I said 3 hours, but probably longer because of the torrential downpours.

THe thunderstorm was very violent.
I tried to go to bed at 11:00, but couldn't fall asleep because the kids weren't home.
Quarter to midnight, I was just about to fall into the nice sleep listening to the thunder, when Hubby got up to go to the bathroom.
Five minutes later he comes back into the bedroom, turns on the light and says...You'll never guess what is happening!
Well if he didn't turn off the sticking light he wouldn't want to know what would be happening to him!
He said that the roof was leaking.
The new roof he just put on in May.
How can this be?
It had rained before and never leaked.
I asked where it was leaking and it was in the kitchen.
I threw on my glasses and flipflops and trudged my way to the kitchen.
Sure enough, water was dripping out of the kitchen light fixture.
Seems Hubby stepped into a puddle on the floor when he went to get a drink of water...and since we don't have a dog ...he knew something was wrong.
He was rather upset that the roof would be leaking.
I told him that the winds were pretty strong maybe part of the ridge vent blew off or something hit the house again.
(He slept through most of the storm)
"Well I'm not going out on the roof to see what's going on now" he grumbled as thunder rumbled and lightning flashed and the rain pounded against the windows on every side of the house.
"that's right, you're not"
So I went back to bed.
10 minutes later the kids were home and I could hear him telling them what was going on to the sound of the water dripping off the light fixture into a pan on the floor.
I popped out said glad you made it back and good night and went to sleep.

TIme for bed...I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow
Peace and stay dry!!


Coffeypot said...

We just had a new roof put on our house due to three violent storms and hail last month. The sob better not start leaking again.

Blonde Goddess said...

We had a severe thunderstorm the other night and we got a leak coming out of one of our light fixtures too. I think it had more to do with the way the rain blew sideways than the roof needing repaired.